Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I am learning a lot about Beauty sites and different events I can check out. I have decided I am going to throw myself out there to get my foot in the door. It is nice to have someone you know to use as a credential. I mean I wouldn't want to use someone for just that. I would like a friendship out of it too. I am just saying it will be nice to befriend someone, who knows what they are doing. I may have talent but I am not sure how to put it to good use!

I am doing it right now, I am setting a goal! My goal in life is to do someone's makeup/hair and get it published. Wouldn't that be awesome! Wish me luck!

Speaking of goals it is very good to set goals, but I was told by many wise people a goal is no goal without a dead line. Your more likely to fulfill your goal with a dead line. So I am taking the goal I just made and setting it to my 35th birthday (that gives a little more than 14 years to make it happen) and the reason I am giving myself that much time is because I don't have any connections or portfolio to work with right now. So like I said Wish me luck!!! and good luck to you for you goals!

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