Tuesday, October 4, 2011

School Bells Ring

          It is crunch time and time to get my life together. I graduated high school in 2008, and I have nothing I can really show on what I have done since graduation. I have these plans and ideas but fulfilling them is the problem. Here is a little background of what I have done since HS. The  summer after graduation I went to a cosmetology school but I quit after 65% of completing it. I quit because I had no time for me and I wanted to always be with my friends, there were so many changes going on with the school and it was overwhelming me and I decided to stop showing up. I finally got withdrawn.
           After that I didn't do anything for a while and I ended up moving to Indiana,  literally across the states of where I was living. I lived with my dad and I told him I would go back to school. The problem was I have to many interests that it was hard for me to choose what career path I wanted to go down. I then applied to a Brown Mackie College and started going through the Vet Tech program. The director wanted to have individual meetings with everyone in the program. It was my turn and lets just say I left that meeting in tears and wanted to change my career program. I tried to with draw from that school because I didn't want to attend a school that the staff was going to treat me that way. They finally convinced me to stay and asked me some questions about what I love to do. Well I really loved playing with makeup and experimenting with it. So the directer convinced me that I should go into the business management program; so I did. I took a few classes and was frustrated because it was not what I wanted(so I guess you could say I quit again).
            I wanted to go to a makeup art school. In my opinion, it was one thing to put on pretty makeup but another on how to reconstruct a face based on application of makeup. That is what I want to learn. The problem is there is not local schools for this, so I would have to go to Chicago, New York or L.A. for a good school. I have a school in mind but it is expensive to live there. I bought a couple of books from a bookstore to get a general idea of what I will be learning but how will I make this happen? Can I find a loan that will help live there. I know there are options but what are they?