Monday, March 28, 2011

It is the simple things

It is days like yesterday that remind I need to slow down, recognize and admire the simple things in life.
I'm talking about looking out the window and just watch nature. As I did this, I saw the kittens play with each other, getting into trouble of course. I looked over and noticed the geese and ducks swimming across the pond. Watching the ducks made me notice how to themselves they are. They really don't bother anything. Then I looked back over to the kittens and saw them messing with a groundhog. It was actually kind of funny. These are the days I feel at peace, like nothing could mess this day up. You should try it some day soon.

A slight change of subject but I just have to share it. Today I saw this family come in to work and while the parents were looking at the menu,  the little girl (about 2) grabbed her big brothers hand (about 5) and took him over to the back entrance and was trying to get him to open the door to go outside. The little boy grabbed her, even tried to carry her but she was to heavy for him, and took her back to their parents. It made my heart melt on how good of a big brother he is was being. The sad part was the parents didn't even notice.

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